The Champion You Need

Definition Champion:
(2) a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.

Springfield, MO Law Firm That Fights for Clients

It is not that you want to fight, most of us hope to build a life of peace, happiness, and meaning. Unfortunately, though, there are times when someone else takes a stand against you that interrupts that plan. When that happens, you don’t have to fight through it on your own.

Joshua Neally has advocated for clients, and has been fighting for their rights and interests, since founding the law firm in 2013. Whether someone has served you with a lawsuit or you need help resolving a dispute through litigation, it helps to have an experienced champion fight for you.

Prior to opening the firm, he led the legal department of a major timeshare development and sales company in Branson, Missouri, where he managed consumer, contract, employment, and commercial litigation for the company.



Timeshare Law

Real Estate development and sales, Merchandising Practices, Property Owners Associations, Contract, FTC regulations, Telemarketing and Do Not Call laws, Fair Debt Collection Practices, and Fraud

What is the Right of Rescission After the Sale of Timeshare?

How Many Timeshare Plans are There?

Why is it Important to Have an Attorney Review Your Timeshare?


Real Estate Law

Legal Representation in Real Estate Cases

Also referred to as
Real Property Law


Legal Representation in Litigation Cases

A method of resolving disputes according to
certain procedures in a court of law